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Sierra Stilchen

Sierra, born and raised in Tucson, discovered her passion for veterinary care early on, thanks to her upbringing in a household that owned a grooming shop. She had fond memories of spending time with animals that ignited her desire to pursue a career in the field.

One of Sierra’s cherished memories involves using a golden retriever as a support to take her first steps at just seven months old, highlighting her lifelong connection with animals.

She earned her Associate of Applied Science and Associate of General Studies degrees from Pima Community College, solidifying her foundation in veterinary care.

Outside of her role at UrgentVet, Sierra finds joy in hiking and exploring new destinations. At home, she shares her space with her husband, their energetic five-year-old son, and a pack of beloved dogs – three Standard Poodles named Evinrude, Banzai, and Yeti, a Golden Retriever named Miska, and a Goldendoodle named Flounder.

With a decade of experience in the veterinary field, Sierra’s expertise spans various areas including raptor rehabilitation, exotic animal care, zoo medicine, internal medicine, orthopedics, and emergency and critical care. Her wealth of knowledge and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the UrgentVet team.

Sierra leads the team at UrgentVet Tucson where they treat minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs.