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Brooke Zylstra

A Florida native, Brooke has always shared a profound connection with animals, laying the foundation of her career in veterinary medicine. Her journey started by a lifelong passion nurtured by her early involvement in various animal companions.

Reflecting on her fondest memories, Brooke recalls the joyous occasion of welcoming her first pig into her life, a moment that ignited her love for animal care and wellness.

Brooke’s academic pursuits led her to ABAC in Tifton, Georgia, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology, laying the groundwork for her professional endeavors.

Outside the realm of veterinary care, Brooke finds solace in creative pursuits, particularly art projects involving her cherished pets. Additionally, she loves to explore new destinations, feeding her wanderlust through travel adventures.

At home, Brooke shares her life with her husband, along with five cats and three dogs, with excited anticipation of welcoming a baby into their family.

Her feline members of the household are Crumple, Mu, Wink, Pixie, and Rune. While her canine companions are lab mixes named Cota, Cnidaria, and Megumi.

With an impressive twelve years of experience in the veterinary industry, Brooke has spent time in various places, including UrgentVet The Villages, emergency and critical care, ophthalmology, general practice, and wildlife rescue.

With her commitment to animal welfare and her extensive knowledge, Brooke leads the team at UrgentVet Gainesville. The team treats minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs.