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Allie Richardson

Allie’s roots trace back to the amazing city of Austin, Texas. Her journey into the veterinary field was a natural progression, fueled by a lifelong affinity for animals nurtured by a variety of pets ranging from dogs and cats to hamsters and birds.

It was during her stint as a kennel technician at a general practice that Allie’s passion for veterinary care was ignited. Witnessing the profound impact of veterinary medicine on pets and their owners firsthand solidified her career path.

Reflecting on her favorite memory with an animal, Allie recalls an endearing moment with her beloved family dog, Sadie. Despite Sadie’s advanced age, her unwavering loyalty and affection illuminated Allie’s childhood, leaving a mark on her heart.

Outside of her role at UrgentVet, Allie embraces an active lifestyle, indulging in hobbies such as fishing, automotive tinkering, video gaming, and trail running around the beautiful Lake Austin. At home, she shares her space with her roommate and their two canine companions, including Ellie, her loyal Weimaraner mix of nine years.

With five years of experience in the veterinary field, Allie’s journey has seen her transition from kennel technician to veterinary assistant, eventually assuming leadership roles. Currently serving as the Practice Manager of UrgentVet Belterra, Allie’s dedication and enthusiasm underscore her and her teams’ commitment to providing exceptional care to every dog and cat and their devoted owners of the Austin area.