What Dog Owners Should Know About Parvovirus

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Canine parvovirus (i.e., parvo) is a serious infection that spreads alarmingly through susceptible populations, especially young and unvaccinated dogs. Brief exposure, such as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, can cause your dog to quickly develop a life-threatening condition. Despite effective vaccines, parvo remains a common cause of death in young dogs,… Continue reading What Dog Owners Should Know About Parvovirus

French Bulldog Summer Safety

French Bully Summer

Are you part of the French [bulldog] Revolution? This bat-eared breed has captivated American hearts and soared to the top of the American Kennel Club’s 2022 registration list, ending the Labrador retriever’s 31-year reign as America’s most popular dog. However, these wrinkled wonders should come with a warning label. The French bulldog’s unique features put… Continue reading French Bulldog Summer Safety

Summer Fun 101: Pet Safety Tips

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Summer is an exciting and busy time for many pet owners and their pets. But, as the mercury rises and schedules fill up with outdoor events and adventures, pet safety risks also increase. Ensure your summer memories are spent under the sun—not in the veterinary hospital or your nearest UrgentVet—by incorporating these summertime safety tips… Continue reading Summer Fun 101: Pet Safety Tips

8 Signs That Your pet Might Have Worms

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Intestinal parasites (i.e., worms) are an undeniably gross—but sometimes completely unavoidable—part of pet ownership. Although these unsightly creatures come in various shapes and sizes, each species is capable of disrupting your pet’s health and development. In addition, if your pet contracts intestinal parasites, they can infect other vulnerable pets. Understanding the most common signs of… Continue reading 8 Signs That Your pet Might Have Worms

How Can You Tell if Your Pet is Happy?

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On the surface, your pet’s needs seem simple—food, water, shelter, and exercise. But continuing research is revealing that our dogs and cats lead emotionally complex lives, and one emotion in particular—happiness—is more than a purr or a wagging tail. Your pet’s happiness is a major contributor to their overall health and, perhaps, their longevity.  Since… Continue reading How Can You Tell if Your Pet is Happy?

How Do I Know if My Pet is Overweight?

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Pet obesity is an epidemic in North America. More than 60% of cats and 58% of dogs are classified as overweight or obese—roughly 56 million cats and 50 million dogs. Unfortunately, pet obesity is more than an aesthetic concern, because excessive body weight can cause or contribute to serious health issues (e.g., arthritis, cancer, kidney… Continue reading How Do I Know if My Pet is Overweight?

FAQs About Pets and COVID-19

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc worldwide since early 2020. This viral respiratory disease can cause people to experience issues from mild symptoms to severe illness. As you grapple with the concerns and inconveniences of the virus, you may also worry about your pet. COVID-19 is a concerning issue, but luckily pets are not typically significantly affected.… Continue reading FAQs About Pets and COVID-19

January 21 is National Hug Day

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National Hug Day was first celebrated in 1986, and was created to encourage family and friends to hug often. And while it’s not an official holiday in terms of getting the day off from school or work, it is widely recognized throughout the US and even internationally. Hugs are celebrated because they’re known to elevate… Continue reading January 21 is National Hug Day

Fear Free Certified® Veterinary Teams: How They Help Your Pet

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When you bring your dog or cat to see the vet, the whole team does their best to make your pal feel comfortable—and that should include preventing fear or stress. However, some practices go above and beyond by completing a special certification known as Fear Free. Here’s why a Fear Free culture is beneficial to… Continue reading Fear Free Certified® Veterinary Teams: How They Help Your Pet

7 Ways to Stay Active with Your Pet

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It’s the start of a new year—a chance to reflect on all that’s happened in the last 12 months, and visualize what you want 2020 to look like. For many people, that involves a new year’s resolution. If an active lifestyle is one of your goals, your pet may be able to join you. After… Continue reading 7 Ways to Stay Active with Your Pet