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Natalie Pedraja

Natalie, a Richmond native, discovered her passion for veterinary care at a young age, inspired by shows like Animal Planet’s Emergency Vets. This fascination led her to pursue a career in the field, fueled by a desire to understand and help all species. One of her most cherished memories involves a patient named Jett, a flat-coated retriever mix battling myasthenia gravis, whose journey she followed closely, even after relocating across the country.

After earning her associate in veterinary technology from St. Petersburg College, Natalie immerse herself in various hobbies outside of her role as Practice Manager at UrgentVet Carytown. These include pottery, scuba diving, fossil hunting (often combining the two), hiking, and any outdoor adventures. At home, she shares her s with her two dogs, Zahra (a husky/chihuahua mix) and Yadi (a Pomeranian) along with her Turkish Angora cat named Nida.

Natalie’s dedication to the veterinary field spans 15 years, during which she’s gained experience in Emergency, Specialty, Research, and Non-Profit sectors. Her enthusiasm for neonatal care shines through as she finds joy in working with the youngest and tiniest patients, earning her the trust and admiration of pet parents seeking compassionate care for their beloved animals.

Natalie leads a team that treats minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs of Carytown, Virginia.