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Courtney Carpenter

Courtney, originally from Ohio, found her calling in the veterinary field through a deeply personal experience with her beloved dog, Snickers, who battled osteosarcoma. Witnessing the compassionate care provided to Snickers and her family during this challenging time ignited Courtney’s desire to support pets and their families in similar situations, becoming their advocate and source of comfort.

Courtney earned an associates of applied science degree from the Vet Tech Institute of Houston, followed by becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration management and Master of Business Administration from Western Governors University, Courtney combines her veterinary expertise with business acumen.

Outside of her role as Practice Manager at UrgentVet The Woodlands, Courtney enjoys outdoor activities with her son Gabriel, including soccer and t-ball. She’s also a thrill-seeker, indulging in activities like skydiving and zip-lining, balanced by quieter pursuits like crafting and reading. At home, she shares space with her husband Jeremy, their son, and four dogs (Jasmine, Brutus, Brody, and Chestnut), along with an impressive amount of nine snakes and two lizards.

Courtney leads a team that treats non life-threatening emergencies in cats and dogs of Houston, Texas.