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Luisa Garcia

Luisa Garcia is originally from Cali, Colombia and she was raised in Fulshear, Texas. Growing up, pets of all kinds were a part of her life — including dogs, cats, a donkey, a horse, goats, and more. She enjoyed caring for animals and found early inspiration to explore a career path where she could serve animals and be their voice.

Luisa attended PIMA Medical Institute and received her certification as a Veterinary Assistant in 2016. From there, she began working at an animal shelter where she witnessed both ends of the spectrum – animals coming in having been through terrible neglect to animals being rehabilitated, nurtured, and adopted. This stop on her career path helped Luisa clearly see where she wanted to go next — a general practice. She saw her experience at the animal shelter as a sign that she could become a champion for pets … an advocate for proper pet health and effective education for pet parents.

Luisa thrived in the general practice setting – growing into a managerial role and ultimately overseeing three different locations. During this time, she became a mentor to veterinary technicians – providing training, coaching, and development.  Her role at UrgentVet allows her to continue her mission of advocacy for pet well-being, education for pet parents, and growth and development for her team. She’s proud to serve pets in Cypress, Texas and points beyond.

During Luisa’s free time, you will usually find her spending quality time with her 4 year old son and 8 year old Shiba Inu.