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Luana Baroni

Luana grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where there was never a time, she did not have pets. At the age of 3, her grandfather brought home a blue front amazon parrot and they instantly became best friends – the very first pet she ever loved!

Thinking back to the moment she knew she wanted to be in the veterinary industry, Luana brings up the feral cat colony she had in her neighborhood. She always wanted to help them and immediately got involved with rescues in that area.

Outside of the clinic, Luana can be seen with her dogs – Hank (Lab/House mix) and Tucker (Shih-Tzu mix), and her two birds – Benny (Peach Faced Lovebird) and Forest (Fisher Lovebird). When she isn’t providing love to her pets, she can be seen practicing Yoga, drawing, painting, and even traveling!

Luana comes to UrgentVet – Chapel Hill with 7 years of experience in General Practice, Emergency, Specialty, and Rescue settings. She looks forward to leading her team and helping the pets in the Chapel Hill area feel better soon!