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Johnell Barfield

Johnell, originally from Miami Florida, didn’t know he had a calling to be in the veterinary field until he owned his own pet store for 3 years! Johnell says his favorite memories are coming home from work and sitting on his couch to his pet throwing themselves onto his lap begging for belly rubs!

Outside of UrgentVet, Johnell lives with his wife, Ivette, and their dog Arya (Shih-Tzu). And yes, they are fans of Games of Thrones in their household! Johnell loves to collect sport cards, bobbleheads, and getting in person autographs from baseball players. When he isn’t attending sporting events or being in the clinic, Johnell enjoys playing video games.

Johnell comes to UrgentVet with 15 years of experience in general practice and urgent veterinary care. He believes he found his calling as he absolutely loves animals and the unconditional love they provide.

Johnell is proud to lead a team that helps area pets feel better!