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Lidia Perez

Lidia, originally from Sacramento, California, has called Dallas her home for over 20 years. Her journey into the veterinary field was sparked by a childhood memory of witnessing the birth of a litter of labrador puppies, an experience that solidified from lifelong passion for animals.

Beyond her professional responsibilities at UrgentVet Frisco, Lidia finds joy in hobbies such as reading, napping, and indulging in anime with her nephews, and reluctantly serving as a taste tester in her niece’s kitchen experiments.

At home, Lidia shares her space with her beloved companions: Dexter (a charismatic pit/boxer/shepherd mix), and Banto (a dapper domestic shorthair Tuxedo cat).

In addition to her expertise in a general practice, Lidia is known for her quiet demeanor, which quickly transforms into animated conversations when the topic turns to Harry Potter. If you ever find yourself visiting UrgentVet, Lidia will delightfully discuss Hogwarts houses, patronuses, wand types, and experiences at The Wizarding World with you.

With over 14 years of experience in the veterinary field, Lidia’s expertise spans various areas, with a primary focus on general practice. Her compassionate nature and dedication make her a valued leader of the UrgentVet Frisco team, where she leads of team of certified fear-free professionals that treat minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs.