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Andreanna Street

Andreanna grew up in Fayetteville, GA, in the countryside that nurtured her love for animals. Her passion for veterinary care ignited during high school when tasked with a career presentation, leading her to dive deep into the industry. Inspired by her childhood on her grandparents’ farm and fueled by the newfound knowledge, she started on a journey towards the veterinary field. 

One memorable encounter solidified her career. Meeting Checkers, an anxious chihuahua, at the clinic touched her deeply. Patiently, Adreanna coaxed him out of it, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of compassion. It was a defining moment, affirming her calling in the veterinary profession. 

Outside the clinic, Andreanna enjoys the rhythm of live music at concerts and festivals and venturing into the mountains, especially during the fall! 

In her cozy abode, Andreanna shares her space with her two cherished companions: Fletcher, a loyal black and tan dachshund, and Beatrice (Bea), a charming teacup chihuahua. Her fondness for chihuahuas extends beyond her own pets, reflecting a tender spot in her heart for these pint-sized pups. 

With over a decade of experience in the veterinary field, primarily in General Practice, Andreanna now leads a team that treats non-life threatening emergencies in cats and dogs at UrgentVet in Peachtree City.