Featured image for post: Elizabeth Rose Yates

Elizabeth Rose Yates

Elizabeth, originally from Concord, New Hampshire, discovered her lifelong passion for animals through her early experiences riding horses. From the age of four, she immersed herself in the equestrian world, forging a deep connection with these majestic creatures and setting the course for her future in veterinary medicine.

One of Elizabeth’s most cherished memories involves a spirited pony named Domino from her childhood barn. Despite his reputation as a challenge, Elizabeth’s determination and resilience prevailed as she formed an unbreakable bond with him, winning competitions and learning invaluable life lessons along the way.

Outside of the clinic, Elizabeth can be found snowboarding, horseback riding, playing volleyball, and crafting remembrance resin-sed jewelry.

At home in Houston, Texas, Elizabeth is happily married to her husband who is currently pursuing his law degree! Their furry family members are Pinto (a one-eyed Schnauzer mix), Coco (a three-legged Chihuahua mix), and Moose (a gentle giant Newfoundland weighing in at 170 pounds). Each of their furry companions have a unique backstory, with Coco and Pinto having overcome cruelty cases before finding their forever home with Elizabeth and her husband.

With a decade of experience, Elizabeth’s journey has been marked by a diverse range of roles, from kennel technician to lead technician, and eventually to management positions in both general practice and emergency settings. Her passion for patient care and advocacy led her to become a specialist in shelter medicine, where she spent six years fighting for animal welfare in cruelty cases and courtrooms. Transitioning to emergency and critical care, Elizabeth developed her skills as a technician manager, focusing on patient-centered cases and continuous professional development.

As the Practice Manager of UrgentVet Clear Lake, Elizabeth leads a team that treats non-life threatening emergencies in cats and dogs of the Houston, Texas area.