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Kimberly Inverno

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Kimberly found her calling in the veterinary field through a series of serendipitous encounters. Her journey began with volunteer work at local shelters, where her eye for animals in need and her compassionate nature quickly made her an asset. As the shelter embraced her dedication, Kimberly’s life became intertwined with the mission of improving the lives of animals.

One of her fondest memories revolves around a foster cat named Millie, whose Christmas tree escapade left a lasting impression. Instead of scaling a tree like most cats, Millie boldly launched herself to the top, claiming the star spot with pride. This transformative moment not only showcased Millie’s resilience but also deepened Kimberly’s bond with her furry companions.

Outside the realm of veterinary care, Kimberly finds joy in creative pursuits such as knitting, puzzle-solving, and refurbishing old furniture. An avid reader with a love for community engagement, she actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with organizations promoting animal welfare and education.

At home, Kimberly lives with her husband and two beloved felines: Dr. Cookies, affectionately known as Fat Cat, a domestic medium hair tipping the scales at an impressive 25 pounds, and Franklin, a cunning domestic short hair with a passion for mischief and a love for straws.

Coming to UrgentVet with 15 years of experience across the veterinary field including rescue, general practice, grooming, oncology, and urgent care, Kimberly brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her role as Practice Manager. She leads a team that treats non-life threatening emergencies to the cats and dogs of Oro Valley.