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Mychaela Gonzalez

Mychaela, born and raised in Westbury, New York, fell in love with helping animals at an early age. Mychaela’s early years were defined by hours spent in a veterinary environment, where she accompanied her mother, who practiced at a general care facility. These experiences helped her grow a passion for animals.

One of her favorite memories involves a dog named Red, brought in by firefighters from a vacant building. Red was extremely injured, and Michaela lunged into action to help him. Witnessing the selfless dedication of her colleagues and the transformation of Red from a victim to a hero as the firefighters adopted him and he became an honorary firefighter. This further solidified her commitment to veterinary medicine.

Outside of UrgentVet, Mychaela finds joy in salsa dancing, crocheting intricate patterns, and exploring new destinations through travel.

At home, she shares her life with her husband, Antione, along with their cherished companions: Milo, a spirited 7-year-old Yorkie; Louisa, a resilient 1.5-year-old tripod rescue; and Mona, a graceful 4-year-old Domestic Medium Hair with striking black and white markings.

An avid culinary enthusiast, Mychaela’s passion for cooking rivals her dedication to animal welfare. Her culinary creations serve as a testament to her love language, inviting others to partake in the joy of a well-prepared meal.

With 15 years of experience in the veterinary field, Mychaela’s expertise spans across general practice and surgical realms. Her unwavering commitment to her patients and their families, coupled with her warm demeanor and diverse interests, make her a trusted Practice Manager of UrgentVet.

Mychaela leads a team that treats non-life-threatening emergencies in the cats and dogs of the Oceanside community.