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Hannah Mincey

Born and raised in Huntersville, NC, Hannah has always been deeply connected to animals. Growing up surrounded by pets, she realized the profound impact of veterinary care during the moment she said farewell to the family dog. Witnessing the compassion and expertise of the local veterinary clinic sparked a lifelong passion for Hannah, compelling her to pursue a career in the field. 

One cherished memory encapsulates the joy animals bring into her life. Welcoming her first dog, a charming chunk of love affectionately dubbed “Piggy” for his endearing snorts, remains etched in her heart. River, as he’s formally known, embodies the essence of joy and companionship, enriching Hannah’s life immeasurably.  

Outside of UrgentVet Huntersville, Hannah enjoys the company of her family and animals, especially in the outdoor adventures on their 5-acre property. At home, Hannah lives with her husband, a spirited two-year-old, and two loveable pups – Asher, a Lab mix with a hint of pit, and River, a Border Collie-Lab blend – and a charming flock of eight chickens, whimsically named after the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

With two years of experience in the industry, Hannah’s journey began in a boarding facility before joining the team at UrgentVet Huntersville. Her dedication to patient advocacy and creating a calming environment stem from her own journey of pet care education, ensuring every client feels welcomed and understood.