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Cassandra Talbot

Cassandra, born and raised in Orange County, CA, discovered her passion for veterinary care through an unexpected avenue. While working at a pizza place in a strip mall at the age of 16, Cassandra frequently encountered employees from a nearby veterinary clinic who eventually persuaded her to join their team. From that moment on, she fell in love with the opportunity to assist both animals and their owners, embarking on a fulfilling career path that she has never looked back on. 

One of Cassandra’s fondest memories revolves around her work in neurology, witnessing the transformation of paralyzed pets who regained their ability to walk after surgery or treatment. This profound experience reinforced her dedication to providing quality care to animals in need. 

Outside of the clinic, Cassandra enjoys spending time with her cat Johnny and her boyfriend, particularly if it involves being near or in water. 

With an impressive 23 years of experience in the veterinary field, Cassandra’s expertise spans in various areas including emergency, ICU, neurology, surgery, general practice, and specialty care. Her commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive care makes her a valued leader of the UrgentVet Westford team. Cassandra and her team treat non life-threatening emergencies in cats and dogs in the Boston area.