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Jack Schmidgall

Jack, a nature enthusiast at heart, spent his younger years surrounded by the beauty of Itasca State Park. It was amidst the landscapes and diverse wildlife of his childhood home that Jack’s passion for animals ignited his lifelong desire to work with them.

While Jack initially envisioned a career in wildlife conservation, his path eventually led him to the veterinary field. His love for animals and a desire to make a meaningful difference guided him towards becoming a vet tech, where he could directly impact the well-being of companion animals.

One of Jack’s favorite memories revolves around the adoption of a cat surrendered at his clinic. The bond formed with this feline companion not only brought joy to Jack’s life but also reaffirmed his dedication to providing compassionate care to animals in need.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Jack finds fulfillment in a variety of hobbies, from woodworking to golfing and solo camping expeditions, Jack’s adventurous spirit and creative flair shine through in every pursuit.

At home, Jack has two pets – Cleomenes (a dashing tuxedo cat) and Lyla (a spirited boxer/lab mix). Each adds their own unique charm to Jack’s life, enriching his days with love and companionship.

With nearly seven years of experience in the veterinary industry, Jack has spent time as a kennel/vet assistant to a lead technician. His journey through general practice has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of animal care and a deep appreciation for the human-animal bond.

As the Practice Manager of UrgentVet Coon Rapids, Jack leads a team that treats minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs.