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Ashley Christine Nordike

Ashley’s journey into the veterinary industry was shaped by a profound childhood experience in Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up on acreage, Ashley often found herself rescuing animals abandoned on her family’s property. It was during one such rescue mission, where she bravely freed a kitten trapped in a thorn bush, that Ashley realized her calling – to bring comfort and harmony into the lives of animals.

Thinking back to some of her cherished memories, Ashley recalls one with a German Shephard labeled as difficult to train and aggressive. Through patience and positive reinforcement, Ashley transformed the dog’s behavior, leading to a remarkable improvement in just two months. Witnessing the dog’s progress and the relief of its owners affirmed Ashley’s passion for making a difference in the lives of animals and their families.

At home, Ashely lives with her husband, Dalton, and their rescue cat, Salem – a black Manx with a personality as unique as her breed. She spends her free time reading, learning new board games, and playing video games.

Coming to UrgentVet with 10 years of experience in behavior consulting, training, general practice, rescue, and grooming, Ashley’s goal is continuing to provide compassionate care to the pets of Kansas City. Ashley leads a team at UrgentVet Liberty where they treat minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs.