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Toni Marie Mediate

Toni Marie, originally from the sunny town of Weeki Wachee, Florida, was inspired by her cherished childhood visits to Florida’s iconic theme parks – particularly Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Busch Gardens, and SeaWorld.

Her favorite moments with animals occur when she witnesses the calming affect her team has on patients, as evidenced by pet parents marveling at their pets’ newfound tranquility.

While she currently pursues her Veterinary Technician degree, Toni holds a degree in Cosmetology, reflecting her diverse interests. Fun fact: Toni spent six years as a cosmetologist in Florida before diving into veterinary care! Beyond her work at UrgentVet, she indulges her love for culinary adventures in Nashville, seeking out delectable bites, with Soy Cubano topping her list.

At home, Toni shares her space with the benevolent ruler of the house – her dog, a FS black Mouth Curr named Tiffi, and her loyal companion Freddi the Beta Fish.

With three years of experience in the veterinary field, Toni’s expertise spans from Emergency, ICU, and Urgent Care settings, where her dedication to animal well-being shines through.

Toni proudly leads the team at UrgentVet Franklin where they treat minor injuries and illnesses in Nashville’s cats and dogs.