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Shylynn Jones

Shylynn grew up in Missouri, where a pivotal childhood experience shaped her career in veterinary medicine. After losing her dog to heartworm, a preventable condition, Shylynn was inspired to educate pet owners and help other pets avoid similar fates. This dedication has been the driving force behind her 13-year career in the veterinary field.

One of Shylynn’s favorite memories involves a dachshund brought to her clinic for weight gain and a decreased appetite. Discovering the dog was pregnant, Shylynn and her team supported the pet parent through the entire process, from ultrasounds to a C-section, eventually revealing eight healthy puppies. The gratitude and joy of the pet parent made this a particularly rewarding experience.

Shylynn is a Registered Veterinary Technician, having studied at PIMA Medical Institute in San Diego, CA. She has worked in General Practice for 11 years and in Emergency care for 2 years, bringing a wealth of experience to her role at UrgentVet O’Fallon.

Outside of work, Shylynn enjoys spending time with her young son, Liam, and their Labrador mix, Bentley. Her hobbies include going to the gym, camping, fishing, and hiking. Having lived in California for 13 years, Shylynn loves the beach, traveling, trying new foods, and attending concerts. She is passionate about educating clients and mentoring associates in veterinary care.

Shylynn’s extensive experience, coupled with her passion for animal care and client education, makes her a valuable leader at UrgentVet O’Fallon.