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Kelly Cashman

Kelly grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where a passion for animal care was instilled in her from a young age. Her home was a sanctuary for animals in need, fostering a lifelong commitment to protecting the voiceless. This early exposure to animal care solidified her path in the veterinary field, where she finds fulfillment working alongside like-minded individuals.

One of Kelly’s favorite memories is of her first dog, a Dalmatian puppy named Lady, whom she taught to sit and give paw. This early experience with Lady nurtured her love for animals and her desire to help them.

With over 12 years of experience, Kelly has worked in various areas of the veterinary field, including General Practice, Emergency and Critical Care, Orthopedic, and Internal Medicine Specialties, and Biomedical Research.

Outside of the clinic, Kelly enjoys knitting, reading, and watching TED talks focused on growth and development. She shares her home with her beloved fur kids: Salem, a Chiweenie; Jingo, a Korean Jindo: Louie and Gidget, Chiweenie siblings and Salem’s offspring; and two guinea pigs, Jerome and Ron Weasley. Kelly also has a unique bond with the deer she hand-feeds in her backyard.

Kelly leads a team at UrgentVet Upper St. Clair that treats non-life-threatening emergencies in cats and dogs.