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Celeste Saez

Celeste grew up in San Antonio, TX, with a lifelong passion for animals. Her goal from childhood was to open a pit bull rescue or work in the veterinary field. She spent countless hours watching Animal Planet and veterinary shows on YouTube, solidifying her desire to care for animals.

One of Celeste’s favorite memories is meeting her “dogter,” Lorraine, at the Collin County Animal Shelter. During an impromptu visit with friends, Celeste encountered a calm pit mix with the sweetest eyes. When she slipped her hand through the cage, Lorraine placed her paw in Celeste’s hand, creating an instant bond that led to Lorraine’s adoption that very day.

Outside of work, Celeste enjoys eating, watching shows, and attending concerts. She shares her home with Lorraine, an American Pit Bull Terrier Mix, and Toby, a Miniature Dachshund.

Celeste brings almost three years of experience in the veterinary field, specifically in General Practice with a focus on integrative and holistic care. Her unique background and dedication to animal welfare make her a valued leader at UrgentVet Prosper, where she continues to pursue her passion for helping pets and their families.