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Raelynn Mattern

Raelynn, originally from Yucaipa, California, thinks back to a time where in a moment of need and distress, her family dog – Buck – jumped into action to comfort and make sure she was okay. Raelynn knew at that moment that although he was scared too, all he cared about was making sure she knew he was there, and they were going to be okay. From there, Raelynn decided she was going to make sure that Buck and all other furry friends would always feel comforted and not alone any time they entered the clinic. 

Outside of the clinic, Raelynn loves to go fishing and spending time with her husband (Chris), their two daughters (Melina and Harleen), and their fur-babies (Bender – a German Shephard, and Vader a 3-legged Domestic Long Hair). A fun fact to know about Raelynn is that she is a huge Star Wars fan! 

Raelynn comes to UrgentVet – Mesa with 8 years of experience ranging in general practice, emergency, and specialty. Raelynn and her team strive to uphold UrgentVet’s fear-free tactics and help the pets of Mesa feel comfortable and at ease.