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Kirsten Hacker

Kirsten’s journey into the world of veterinary care began in the heartland of Ohio, where she cultivated a passion for animals through her involvement in 4-H and FFA. Her exposure to the field was further heightened by accompanying her aunt, a veterinary technician, to work. This solidified her desire to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

One of Kirsten’s most cherished memories involves trail riding with her horse, Prairie, amidst the stunning landscapes of Moab. The bond she shares with Prairie extends beyond the trails, as they also enjoy swimming together in serene lakes.

After completing her education at Kent State University, Kirsten embarked on a career in veterinary medicine. Beyond her work at UrgentVet Taylorsville, she finds solace in outdoor activities such as trail riding, hiking, and paddleboarding.

At home, Kirsten shares her space with her fiancé, Tyler, and their two beloved canine companions: Zero (a spirited whippet mix) and Scarlet (a loyal blue heeler).

With a decade of experience, Kirsten’s has held roles in emergency medicine, ophthalmology, and equine surgery. Her compassionate approach and ability to connect with fearful and anxious pets exemplify her dedication to providing exceptional care to every patient she encounters.

Kirsten leads a certified fear-free team that treats minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs of the Taylorsville and surrounding area.