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Kaitlyn Wanderon

Born in Fort Myers and raised in Naples, Florida, Kaitlyn Wanderon’s earliest memories were full of beaches and water with her family and friends. She easily gravitated towards animals of any kind growing up and remembers getting to go and adopt a dog from the local shelter and having a feeling that she was meant to work there.

It didn’t take long for Kaitlyn to meet her soul dog, the family’s Bernese Mountain Dog named Mufasa, who captured not only her heart but also her daughter, Cora’s, heart as well.

Kaitlyn comes to UrgentVet Naples with five years of veterinary experience ranging in general practice, shelters, and emergency.

Outside of the veterinary world, Kaitlyn exchanges lab work for a camera and can be found with her husband Aiden and Cora going on nature hikes, drawing painting, and traveling whenever possible. In their household they have a bunny named Michael, four ferrets named Velma, Captain Jack, Milo and Loki, and four dogs all mixed breeds named Butterball, Scooby, Petrie and Casper.

Kaitlyn is proud to lead the team at UrgentVet Naples, Florida and serve the pets of Collier County and points beyond.