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Cassidee Anderson

Cassidee Anderson comes from Roy, Utah, and her love for animals has been a lifelong calling. Since the tender age of 4, Cassidee knew that a career in the veterinary industry was her destiny. Her early commitment to this passion led her to volunteer at shelters and pursue a high school internship to immerse herself in the field.

One of Cassidee’s most cherished memories in the veterinary world revolves around a stray dog in active labor that came into the clinic. As she ventured into working with surgeries, she had the incredible opportunity to assist in delivering six adorable puppies, each given a name by Cassidee. The good Samaritan who brought the dog in vowed to keep the names. Creating a heartwarming connection between the clinic and the new furry family.

Cassidee’s educational journey is not explicitly mentioned, but her practical experience speaks volumes. With a remarkable 9 years in the veterinary field, including a year-long internship and 8 years of hands-on work, Cassidee has honed her skills in both general practice and emergency settings.
Beyond her professional pursuits at UrgentVet, Cassidee finds joy in crafting, specializing in making soaps, wood signs, and custom tumblers. Additionally, she shares her adventures exploring national parks with her husband. At home, Cassidee resides with her husband, two dogs (Booker, a Corgi mix, and Kiwi, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi), a Domestic Medium Hair cat named Autumn, and a lively flock of five chickens.

For those curious about Cassidee’s personal preferences, she openly shares her obsession with corgis and pugs, adding a delightful touch to her profile. With her wealth of experience, genuine love for animals, and creative spirit, Cassidee is a valuable member of the UrgentVet team, dedicated to providing exceptional care to furry friends and their devoted families.

Cassidee leads a team at UrgentVet Farmington where they treat minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs.