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Brianna Willis

Born in raised in Houston, Texas, Brianna has always known she enjoyed being around animals. In her adolescent years, she had a variety of different pets including dogs, hamsters, fish and even a chipmunk!

Brianna started her career in veterinary medicine by participating in internships with private practices while obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Prairie View A&M University. After graduating, she honed her technical skills as she landed her first official job in a general practice. Her hard work and dedication helped pave the way to a promotion to lead surgery technician for that hospital.

With the knowledge she gained from awesome mentors, she was able to pass the torch and mentor new veterinary assistants in achieving their professional goals. Prior to joining UrgentVet, Brianna worked in emergency veterinary medicine. Her leadership skills and her strong desire to help pets and pet parents with after-hours needs made her the ideal person to lead the care team at the Kingwood location.

UrgentVet has allowed Brianna to re-frame her approach in patient care. Prior to her initial role as a veterinary assistant for UrgentVet, she had never heard of the Fear Free Mission. Since completing her training and experiencing the Fear-Free difference, Brianna feels further empowered to provide top level care to the pets she and her team treat. A pet advocate,  she feels it’s crucial to show the best patient care experience possible. At UrgentVet, the pet’s emotional well-being is as important as their physical condition and Brianna cherishes this mindset.

In Brianna’s personal time, she enjoys being outdoors – preferably surrounded by water – as well as going on walks with her 4.5 year old Miniature Pinscher mix, Neyah. Fun fact: Neyah was the first patient at the very first Texas location – UV Cypress! Brianna is also a part-time plant mommy and her second passion (outside of animals of course) is cooking.