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UrgentVet Announces Expansion in Phoenix with Two New Locations Offering After-Hours Pet Care

Tampa, FL (January 10, 2024) – UrgentVet, a pioneering urgent care clinic dedicated to pets, proudly unveils its expansion into Arizona with the opening of two new clinics in Cave Creek and Mesa. Commencing services on January 10, 2024, the Cave Creek location and on January 18 for the Mesa location, these additions mark a significant stride in the company’s commitment to extending compassionate, affordable, and accessible pet care services.

UrgentVet introduces an innovative solution that addresses the gap between primary veterinary practices and 24-hour emergency services. Designed to cater to pet owners during nights, weekends, and holidays, the clinics offer essential care for mild illnesses and minor injuries at rates significantly more affordable than those charged by emergency pet hospitals. This model mirrors the concept of walk-in care for humans in situations that do not warrant an emergency room visit when their regular physician is unavailable.

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Situated at 5355 East Carefree Highway, UrgentVet-Cave Creek strategically stands along one of the city’s busiest routes, easily accessible via East Carefree Highway and North Cave Creek Road. Boasting a spacious 2,500 square feet, the clinic features two exam rooms for small dogs, two for large dogs, and one dedicated to cats. Similarly, UrgentVet – Mesa, located at 1226 South Signal Boulevard, offers the same setup with specialized examination spaces for different pet sizes and species.

“The enthusiasm displayed by Phoenix residents upon our Scottsdale launch highlighted their profound care for their furry companions,” noted Dr. Jim Dobies, DVM, Founder of UrgentVet. “Opening two additional clinics in Cave Creek and Mesa underscores our dedication to meeting the growing needs of these communities, both in terms of population expansion and pet care.”

With the addition of Cave Creek and Mesa, UrgentVet’s presence in Arizona now spans three locations, contributing to a total of 60 clinics across the United States. The company maintains a nationwide presence in Colorado, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, The Carolinas, and Georgia.

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UrgentVet sets a new standard in pet care by offering species- and size-specific examination rooms, equipped with amenities such as non-slip flooring, adjustable lighting, calming colors, ambient music, pheromones for relaxation, and quiet examination lift tables. Additionally, the clinic features cutting-edge tempered glass pet enclosures from Casco, designed to reduce noise by 70%, contributing to a more Fear-Free environment—the most advanced product available for pet comfort.

In commitment to pet well-being, all clinic staff members undergo specialized training to achieve Fear-Free certification, fostering a stress-free experience for pets during their visit.

Each UrgentVet clinic houses a comprehensive treatment area equipped with an in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including digital radiography and ultrasound technology, ensuring prompt and accurate care.

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The veterinary industry is facing challenges related to staffing shortages, resulting in prolonged wait times and limited care options, compounded by economic downturns. Nearly 50% of pet owners report deferring or forgoing veterinary treatments due to rising inflation.

“Recognizing the emotional strain that an unforeseen pet injury or illness can impose on both pet and owner, our goal is to alleviate a portion of that burden for the Phoenix community and its neighboring areas,” expressed Dr. Dobies, emphasizing UrgentVet’s commitment to easing the emotional impact of pet emergencies.

UrgentVet specializes in addressing common conditions requiring immediate attention that do not necessitate hospitalization, encompassing issues like vomiting, diarrhea, limping, itching, coughing, loss of appetite, minor wounds, and back pain, among others.

Maintaining strong collaborations with local primary care veterinarians is integral to UrgentVet’s approach. Approximately 90% of pets treated at UrgentVet receive on-site care and are subsequently referred to their primary veterinarian with comprehensive records for continued follow-up.

For additional information, please visit UrgentVet.com.

About UrgentVet

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Jim Dobies in Charlotte, North Carolina, and currently owned by American Veterinary Group, UrgentVet stands as the first specialized urgent care clinic exclusively for pets. Offering after-hours services, its clinics serve pet owners, providing an affordable and convenient alternative to 24-hour emergency veterinary services. UrgentVet delivers immediate relief for mild illnesses and injuries in dogs and cats, offering rates more accessible than the emergency vet hospitals. For more information, please visit UrgentVet.com.

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