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Ten Household Pet Poisons To Watch Out For

Your home is full of household pet poisons that you’ll want to keep far away from your pets. Today, we’ll give you ten that you should keep an eye on. Some may seem obvious and some may make you jump out of your chair to go move something you’ve had within reach of your pet’s curious mouth.

1. Acetaminophen

Keep aspirin or other pain medications out and about? They may contain acetaminophen, which is extremely toxic if ingested by your pets. Ingesting can cause liver damage in dogs and even worse in cats. In fact, ingestion of a single tablet by a small cat can be fatal. Be sure to keep all medicine locked up and away from pets. Drop a pill? Grab it quickly.

2. Chocolate

Most people have heard this one before but some websites claim it’s a myth. It is not. Chocolate can cause seizures and death in pets if too much is ingested. Dark chocolate is worse than lighter chocolates but all ingestion of chocolate must be treated as an emergency. It’s best to be very cautious of any chocolate near your pets around the house.

3. Laundry Supplies

Keep your laundry detergents and softeners near the ground? Ingesting these items can cause ulcers in the mouth, throat, and stomach of your pet. Put them up high!

4. Grapes

Did you just say, “WHAT?!” to yourself? We get that a lot. Grapes, raisins, and even grape juice can cause kidney failure in your dog. Even if just a small amount is ingested. Yes, even bowls of fruit left out can be considered as household pet poisons.

5. Cleaning Supplies

Household cleaners like bleach, ammonia and toilet bowl cleaners can cause gastrointestinal ulcers and other serious health issues if ingested by your pets. Be sure everything in your home is in a closed cabinet and away from your pets.

6. Insecticides

Do you get your home sprayed for bugs and other rodents? Perhaps you keep some of these items in your home. Either way, be sure to keep your pets far away from fresh or wet insecticides if sprayed. If you hire a company to do the spraying for you, be sure to check with your veterinarian that the type of spray they use is pet-friendly. Ingestion of these things can cause vomiting, seizures, and difficulty breathing.

7. Mothballs

Mothballs containing naphthalene can be very toxic to dogs and cats – resulting in vomiting, seizures, diarrhea, and even death.

8. Onions and Garlic

Your pet doesn’t even need to swallow these items to get sick. Even chewing these ingredients can cause anemia and gastrointestinal issues.

9. Pet Medication or Supplements

Often times, the medicine prescribed to animals is flavored like meat to get them to eat it. Of course, that also makes it tempting to finish and entire bottle or bag if they can get their hands on it. Be sure to keep your pet’s medications out of their reach.

10. Xylitol

This sweetener is commonly found in chewing gum, mints, and toothpaste. It can lead to dangerous drops in blood sugar and liver failure in dogs.

Yes, these household pet poisons all seem so simple, right? As a rule of thumb, it’s best to keep anything and everything your pets would actually want to eat out of their reach. It’s also important to make sure the table scraps they’re getting aren’t potentially very dangerous. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact us today.