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Recognizing The Symptoms Of Pet Ear Infections

Pet ear infections are no fun and can drive your pet crazy! Whether it’s due to season allergies or another underlying cause, it’s something you’ll want to have a veterinarian look at as soon as you notice a problem. Today, we’ll tell you what to look for when you start to notice your pet scratching their ears more often than usual. Constant head shaking, scratching, unpleasant odor and foul discharge make it hard to enjoy the simplest daily routines.

If you do notice more ear scratching than usual, take a closer look at the ear in question. If you see redness, bumps, scabs, or smell an odor coming from your pet’s ear, they most likely have an ear infection. Other, more serious issues to look out for include pain when opening the mouth, reluctance to chew, shaking the head, pawing at the affected ear, tilting the head, leaning to the side of the affected ear, and an altered sense of balance (known as vestibular deficits). If both ears are affected by inflammation, further symptoms may include wide swinging movements of the head, wobbly uncoordinated body movement, and deafness.

In most cases, antibiotics can treat your pet’s ear infection and get them back to normal quickly. In more severe cases, hospitalization may be required to treat and assess possible neurologic symptoms.

We focus on effective otitis relief that is immediate and easy to administer for pet ear infections. Most of the time, pet owners are not required to do any maintenance ear care at home. You simply return to UrgentVet or your primary care veterinarian when the next treatment is due. How simple is that?

If your pet is having ear issues, contact our team today! We know how terrible it can be to watch your pet suffer overnight, fortunately, UrgentVet is open when your regular vet is closed so waiting till the next business day is no longer necessary.