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Momma Kitty

Meet Momma Kitty! She joined our team in May 2022. When she first arrived at UrgentVet Gastonia, we learned she was pregnant. After she delivered her kittens, we invited her to make the clinic her home in the role of clinic cat.

Momma Kitty was quickly promoted to CEO of the Welcome Committee where she monitors the hallways and doors for incoming pets to befriend during their time of need. In addition, when a new member of the care team is hired, she has developed an onboarding rite of passage. She issues a kiss on the forehead around day 3 or 4. This signifies she now acknowledges you as a member of the UrgentVet Gastonia family.

Momma Kitty also sits lovingly outside of the Comfort Room during times when furry friends are crossing the Rainbow Bridge – offering her support and respects.

Her interests include sleeping, sitting in laps, and more sleeping.