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Maria Perez

Originally from Houston Texas, Maria Perez had a connection with animals in a way that she could not begin to put into words. She views each animal she meets as a unique part of the world we live in and she loves being in a position to help those in need.

Thinking back to her favorite memory, Maria recalls the time she used to work at a boarding facility where encountered the sweetest cavalier she ever met named Charlotte. As she began her career in the veterinary field, it was difficult leaving knowing she wouldn’t see Charlotte again. It was not long until her first day in her new job when the first patient walking through the door was Charlotte – looking to be spayed! She could tell they both shared the same level of excitement and believed it was Charlotte’s way of telling her she believed in her.

Maria comes to UrgentVet – Wheat Ridge with 5 years of experience. She’s worked in the fields of emergency, intensive care and intermediate care. Fun fact – Maria comes to us from UrgentVet – Katy, TX where she was a Care Team Member!

Outside of the clinic, Maria can be found kickboxing or cuddling with her dog, Lily, an adorable Shih Tzu. However, Lily isn’t the only furry family member as Maria also has a Domestic Shorthair named Togepi-Rowan.

Maria is proud to lead the team at UrgentVet – Wheat Ridge and serving the pets of Denver, Colorado.