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Sarah Neforos

In the sixth grade, Sarah was gifted a small tortoiseshell kitten who she named Jordan (JoJo). Little did she know JoJo would turn out to be the reason she would enter the veterinary field. Thinking back to how Sarah and JoJo grew up together, Sarah realizes how blessed she was to have her for almost 20 years – only recently losing her to kidney disease. JoJo taught Sarah how to be patient and gentle especially with older patients.

When she was ready to start college, she chose Penn Foster College in Scottsdale, Arizona where she earned a degree in Veterinary Technology. Since then, she has worked in general practice, emergency, and now UrgentVet! Sarah loves to work with senior pet patients, although she still enjoys puppies and kittens, her heart has a soft spot for those elderly ones that are in her care.

When Sarah is not at the clinic, you can find her reading manga, hiking, cooking, or spending quality time with her husband, Daniel, and their two cats Cheese (an orange and white domestic shorthair) and Casca (a Tabby domestic shorthair).

Sarah is proud to lead the first UrgentVet team in Scottsdale, Arizona that helps the pets of the Phoenix community.