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Heather Smith

Heather has been working in veterinary medicine since 1990. She started in reception at a general practice and worked her up to “veterinary technician” within about 2 years. Learning everything and anything people would teach her, she landed at an ER and from then on, she was hooked! She sat for national boards in 2007 in Wisconsin and received her CVT accreditation.

She worked in Emergency/Referral Hospitals in Cincinnati, Tampa, and Dallas/Prosper until this year when the opportunity to be a practice manager for UrgentVet was offered to her.  She is very excited to take on this opportunity head on and looks forward to meeting all the beautiful fur babies in Prosper!

Heather has been married to her husband, David for 30 years and has two grown boys, Brandon and Aidan. She has 2 dogs, Moai and Dexter and two cats, Tyrion and Miette. She loves cooking, music, singing, and is a very poor gardener but tries every year!