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Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith grew up in Maryland where she first discovered her love of animals. At 7 years old, Crystal found a 2-week-old kitten and begged her mom to let them raise him. He was with the family for 16 years and initiated the passion that drove Crystal to the veterinary industry. Crystal was then hired as a receptionist at an animal ER and has been in love with the field ever since.

Her experience doesn’t stop there as Crystal spent two months living on a wildlife rehabilitation in South Africa which has been deemed her favorite memory due to the rewarding and incredible experience it brought.

Crystal comes to UrgentVet with 9 years of experience ranging from general practice, emergency, shelter and rescue. She believes that gaining her clients trust and being a part of why their animals are feeling better is an honor and a privilege. Her passion is raising neonates and caring for unwell animals and is happy that UrgentVet can help play a part in it.

Outside of UrgentVet Lakewood Ranch, Crystal can be found going on adventures with her dogs, (Omar a Staffordshire and Perrie a mix breed), exploring new places and raising. Her house isn’t just her and her dogs as she also has 6 cats named Dan, Khali, Floki, Jack, Moody and Cow. The passion of rescuing stray kittens didn’t stop as she also TNVR-ing (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return) all the neighborhood cats.