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Amanda Mauro

Growing up on a running dairy farm in Pennsylvania, Amanda was surrounded by cows, chickens, horses, pygmy goats, cats, dogs and all other kinds of small pocket pets and reptiles. With all those furry friends, Amanda grew a bond particularly with a patient that was a black and white domestic shorthair cat named Clownie. They went everywhere together, and it wouldn’t take long until Amanda realized that working with animals was her calling.

After receiving her degree at the University of San Diego in Zoology, Amanda has worked in the veterinary field for almost 20 years now. After working on her farm, Amanda started her first job working in kennels at a no-kill animal shelter. From there, she continued to grow more passionate and began to work her way up from a veterinary assistant to a practice manager in shelter medicine, orthopedic specialty, general practices, emergency overnight hospitals and now UrgentVet.

Outside of the clinic, Amanda loves to be outside. She loves taking her dogs (Cache – a 3-legged rat terrier and Hazelnut – a Chorkie) for walks and going on adventures. She enjoys reading (if you are looking for a book club ask her about hers) and yoga.

Other than her dogs, her little farm of friends consists of Jelly Bean – the pot bellied pig, Quasimodo – the disabled bunny, and lastly, Oliver and Gouda Cheese – the sphynx cats.

Amanda happily leads the fear-free certified team at UrgentVet – Naples that treats minor injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs.