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UrgentVet Opens Its 15th Clinic in Gastonia, North Carolina

GASTONIA, N.C. May, 2022 UrgentVet, the first dedicated urgent care clinic for pets, has expanded its presence in North Carolina with the opening of a clinic in Gastonia. The new clinic, which is located at 2425 E. Franklin Blvd, Suite 175, opened its doors as of May 19, 2022.

Situated along one of the city’s most heavily trafficked corridors, the clinic also offers proximity to Interstate 85, which makes for convenient access for residents of Gastonia and throughout the suburbs of western Charlotte.

“North Carolina is where UrgentVet first formed, and I love the fact that we’ve continued to expand in this state to help pet parents when they need it the most,” said Dr. Jim Dobies, Founder, UrgentVet. “Opening a new clinic in Gastonia allows us to service a part of the region that our other clinics haven’t always been able to touch.”

The new clinic is UrgentVet’s 15th nationally and the fourth to open in North Carolina. In the Charlotte region, UrgentVet also has clinics in Huntersville, North Carolina; Belmont, North Carolina; and Fort Mill, South Carolina. A new location will be added in South Charlotte later this year.

Pet parents can use the website to check their pet in, and text, call or use the clinic’s intercom to alert staff once they arrive. If they prefer, pet parents can remain in their car or be escorted by a member of the UrgentVet staff directly to an exam room.

UrgentVet fills the widening care gap that exists between traditional daytime veterinary practices and specialized 24-hour emergency hospitals, providing affordable after-hours relief on weeknights, weekends and holidays year-round.

UrgentVet is open 365 days a year—from 3 to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and Noon to 8 p.m. on holidays.

The vision behind the UrgentVet practice model is to provide dogs and cats with trusted after-hours acute care just like an urgent care for humans. Pet parents in the area should continue to take pets to their primary care veterinarian for wellness care and routine visits, but UrgentVet offers a trusting and compassionate option after-hours.

UrgentVet clinics routinely treat vomiting, diarrhea, lacerations, wounds, and skin and ear problems among many other presenting complaints.

On average, an UrgentVet bill is about 40% less than what a pet parent might pay for comparable services at a veterinary ER. No appointments are necessary, and pet parents who check in online can request that the clinic send a text message when it’s time to come in.

UrgentVet’s stress-free experience for pets is enhanced by the clinic design and special training the staff receives. All veterinarians and support staff are “Fear Free Certified Professionals,” which means they’re skilled in caring for both the pet’s physical and emotional well-being.

All dog and cat exam rooms have dimmable lighting for anxious animals, relaxing music to soothe the pets and each member of the staff wears sprayable pheromones for a calming effect.

The clinic itself is 3,312 square feet with a total of seven exam rooms—two for large dogs, three for small dogs and two exclusively for cats—in addition to a separate comfort room.

Other features include an in-house diagnostic lab, digital X-ray machine, ultrasound and cloud-based medical record-keeping software. The large dog rooms contain state-of-the-art lift tables, which also double as a non-slip scale, that lower to the floor for easy access for dogs who may be too heavy to pick up.

With all of its clinics, UrgentVet aims to develop strong relationships with neighboring primary care veterinarians, a practice that the new clinic staff has already started. After a pet’s visit, UrgentVet delivers lab work and X-rays with a referral letter to that pet’s veterinarian within 24 hours so that they can be informed and schedule a follow-up visit at their location.

“Community involvement is important to UrgentVet,” Dr. Dobies said. “I’ve been practicing in Gaston County for almost 24 years, and our very first location in Belmont opened in 2015. We always make an effort to have a strong presence at local events, and we can’t wait to meet our new neighbors in Gastonia—whether it’s inside our clinic or at one of the city’s many family-friendly events.”

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About UrgentVet
Founded by Dr. Jim Dobies, UrgentVet is the first dedicated urgent care clinic for pets. Offering after-hours services, UrgentVet provides pet parents with an affordable and convenient alternative to 24-hour emergency vets. UrgentVet currently operates clinics in Belmont, North Carolina; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Huntersville, North Carolina; Gastonia, North Carolina; Fort Mill, South Carolina; Westchase (Tampa), Florida; Brandon, Florida; New Port Richey, Florida; Gainesville, Florida; west Orlando (Ocoee), Florida; Sarasota, Florida; The Villages, Florida; Lakewood Ranch, Florida; St. Johns, Florida; and Lakeland, Florida.