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Our veterinarians love pets as much as you do.

UrgentVet was founded to fill the gap between your regular vet and the vet ER. When your pet has a mild illness or minor injury, we’ll provide the compassionate care your pet needs and the affordability and convenience you want.

UrgentVet is Affordable

We’re Affordable

A visit to the vet ER can leave pet parents shaking their heads and emptying their wallets. The bill for an average visit to UrgentVet is about 40% less than an average ER trip. We are an affordable solution for your pet’s urgent care needs.

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UrgentVet is Trusted

We’re Trusted

Thousands of pet parents have trusted us to care for their furry friends. Our staff is all Fear-Free Certified, which means we’re trained to take care of your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. We are experts at urgent care – 90% of our patients are treated on-site and follow-up with their primary care vet

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We’re Convenient

Sunday afternoon? We’re here. Christmas day? Likewise. We know your pets get ill or injured at night, on the weekends and on holidays—that’s why we’re open 365 days a year. We don’t require appointments, so just walk in when your pet needs fast relief. You can even check in online and wait in the comforts of your home. We’ll text you when we’re ready for you.

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Meet Our Founder

Dr. Jim Dobies


The UrgentVet concept was created by Dr. Jim Dobies a beloved veterinarian whose kindhearted care has been appreciated and valued by countless furry patients and their families.

Dr. Dobies recognized that pet parents needed another choice in veterinary services – an alternative that would offer flexible after-hours care, without the premium cost of a 24-hour emergency hospital. To fill this urgent need, he created UrgentVet – the clinic for pets who can’t wait to feel better.

About Our Team

Every veterinarian at UrgentVet is an experienced professional with exceptional credentials. Our staff understands the special bond you feel for your pet, and we know how much joy they bring to your home. We know, because we’re pet-lovers too.

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We Understand
What Urgent Means

Our UrgentVet mission is simple: We want to be here for your pet when your primary care vet can’t. Our goal is to provide quick, convenient, affordable care 365 days a year.

Immediate Care –
No Appointments

Like an urgent care center for people, we provide prompt veterinary care for dogs and cats. We take care of illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention – but aren’t serious enough to warrant an expensive trip to a 24-hour emergency hospital.

We’re Open
Nights & Weekends

We’re open evenings and weekends. See our Hours – Locations page for details. We’re even open on holidays. With UrgentVet, you can bring comfort and relief to your pet when it’s needed. No waiting until the next business day. No need to miss work for a daytime appointment.

Career Opportunities

We Hire A Special Breed of People

Are you passionate about caring for pets? Do you take pride in doing excellent work and helping others? Maybe you belong on the UrgentVet team. When we hire, we look for talented individuals who can help make our clinic an even better place than it is today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions your pet wishes you’d ask.

UrgentVet is a whole new breed of pet clinic. We provide fast, effective, after-hours relief for common pet illnesses and injuries — just like an urgent care center for people, we provide urgent care for pets.
We provide care for dogs and cats. Although we love all kinds of animals, we’re focusing our care on the two most common pets because it allows us to deliver the most efficient urgent care for the largest number of pet owners.
We’re open 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday –
Including all holidays from noon to 8 p.m.
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Dealing with an illness or injury can be nerve-wracking for you and your pet. That’s why we’ve designed our clinics with a soothing and calming experience in mind to relieve that extra stress.

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