Featured image for post: UrgentVet Adds Second South Carolina Clinic in Greenville to Complement Its Fort Mill Location

UrgentVet Adds Second South Carolina Clinic in Greenville to Complement Its Fort Mill Location


Tampa, FL (October 4th, 2023)UrgentVet, the first dedicated urgent care clinic for pets, announced today it is expanding its footprint in South Carolina. The company will open a new clinic in Greenville and begin serving pets and pet parents on October 5th, 2023.

UrgentVet emphasizes compassion, affordability and convenience within its business model. The groundbreaking concept offers a new solution by bridging the gap between primary practices and 24-hour emergency vets. Open nights, weekends and holidays, the company’s clinics offer pets relief for mild illnesses and minor injuries with rates significantly more affordable than comparable services at an emergency pet hospital. The model is akin to walk-in care for humans when their regular doctor isn’t available and the condition doesn’t warrant an ER visit. 

Located at 553 Haywood Road, UrgentVet-Greenville sits along one of the city’s most heavily trafficked routes and is easily accessible via Interstate-385. The clinic is 3,200 square feet with three exam rooms exclusively for small dogs, two for large dogs and two for cats.

“We’ve been proudly serving the pet parents of Fort Mill since the beginning of UrgentVet,” said Dr. Jim Dobies, DVM and Founder of UrgentVet. “The community welcomed us with open arms and we’ve treated thousands of pets,” added Dobies. “It became very clear early on in our research process for an additional location in the state that South Carolina pet parents are passionate about the health and well-being of their furry family members. We’re delighted to now be opening up our first clinic in Greenville.”

The Greenville clinic is the first South Carolina location to have opened since UrgentVet-Fort Mill’s opening in October of 2018. UrgentVet now has 10 locations in The Carolinas.

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Along with species- and size-specific exam rooms, UrgentVet-Greenville is intentionally outfitted with non-slip flooring, dimmable lighting, soothing colors, soft music, calming pheromones and quiet exam lift tables, all in support of creating a fear-free experience. 

The clinic also has revolutionary tempered glass pet enclosures from Casco that are 70% quieter than metal cages—a design cue that helps make the enclosures the most Fear-Free product on the market today. As an added nod to pet comfort, all staff members at the clinic have received unique training to become Fear-Free-certified professionals. 

As is the case with all UrgentVet locations, the clinic’s treatment area features an in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art equipment, including digital radiography and ultrasound technology. 

Along with veterinary staffing shortages resulting in longer wait times and limited care options, the impacts of a continued economic downturn are also a major cause for concern in the industry. Nearly 50% of pet parents say they’ve decided to forego or delay veterinary treatments amidst inflation.

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“An unexpected injury or illness can be a traumatic experience for both the pet and pet parent,” Dr. Dobies added. “Our hope is that our arrival helps to eliminate at least some of that stress for those in and around Greenville.”

Positioned to provide care for common conditions that require immediate attention but aren’t serious enough for hospitalization, UrgentVet treats vomiting, diarrhea, limping, itching, coughing, not eating, minor wounds, back pain and more. 

With all of its clinics, UrgentVet aims to develop strong relationships with neighboring primary care veterinarians, a practice that clinic staff has already started. Approximately 90% of pets seen at UrgentVet are treated on site and referred to their primary vet with a detailed letter and records for follow-up care. 

For more information, please visit UrgentVet.com

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Founded in Charlotte, North Carolina, by Dr. Jim Dobies in 2015 and owned by American Veterinary Group, UrgentVet is the first dedicated urgent care clinic for pets. Offering after-hours services, its clinics provide pet owners, or pet parents as UrgentVet refers to them, with an affordable and convenient alternative to 24-hour emergency vets. It offers immediate relief for mild illnesses and injuries in dogs and cats with rates that are more affordable than comparable services at emergency vet hospitals. For more information, please visit UrgentVet.com.

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