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UrgentVet Installs Casco Pet Enclosures to Enhance Patient Experience, Comfort

BOCA RATON, FLA. – July 2022 – UrgentVet, the first dedicated urgent care clinic for pets, announced the addition of Casco Pet enclosures at its new clinics around the country. The revolutionary enclosures, which represent a significant improvement over traditional metal cages, exemplify UrgentVet’s commitment to compassionate care.

UrgentVet in Boca Raton, which opened on June 2, 2022 in South Florida, was the first UrgentVet clinic to be built with the new enclosures. Moving forward, the enclosures will be featured in each new UrgentVet clinic across the country.

“The Casco Pet enclosures are the absolute finest on the market, so it was a no brainer for us to transition to including them as the standard in our new clinics,” said Dr. Jim Dobies, Founder, UrgentVet. “Everything we do at UrgentVet is with the pet’s care and comfort in mind, and these enclosures provide advantages that will enable our staff to deliver the type of care pet parents expect.”

For many pets, ambient cage noise can be an anxiety trigger, but the new enclosures are constructed with tempered glass and are 70% quieter than metal cages—a design cue that helps make the enclosures the most Fear-Free product on the market today.

Metal Pet Enclosures

The enclosures include a warming feature in the floor, enabling staff to independently control each enclosure’s temperature. Each has its own exhaust fan, integrated oxygen chamber, and electrical outlet and fluid bag hanger to facilitate easier cord management with medical equipment.

Additionally, an embedded lighting element allows staff to tint each enclosure one of three distinct colors: green for a calming effect, red for pets in recovery from a procedure or trauma, or blue for easier clean-up of debris and dirt.

UrgentVet was founded in the Charlotte region and is now headquartered in Tampa, Florida. UrgentVet has clinics in North & South Carolina, Florida, and future openings in Texas and Georgia are planned for later this year.

Casco Enclosures

The vision behind the UrgentVet practice model is to provide dogs and cats with trusted after-hours acute care just like an urgent care for humans. All veterinarians and support staff are “Fear Free Certified Professionals,” which means they’re skilled in caring for both the pet’s physical and emotional well-being.

UrgentVet clinics routinely treat vomiting, diarrhea, lacerations, wounds, and skin and ear problems among many other presenting complaints. On average, an UrgentVet bill is about 40% less than what a pet parent might pay for comparable services at a veterinary ER.


“Any time a pet encounters an injury or illness, it’s an unpleasant experience for both the animal and the pet parent,” Dr. Dobies said. “We want to do whatever we can to make the pet’s experience in our clinic as comfortable as possible before returning them to their family and their home. Our investment in Casco enclosures is just one more way that we work to keep furry family members emotionally and physically supported while they’re at UrgentVet.”

Case studies have shown several key benefits of Casco enclosures, including more efficient recovery, increased comfort for pets waking from sedation, and improved visibility for observation by clinic staff.

For more information, visit UrgentVet.com and https://cascopet.com.

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Founded by Dr. Jim Dobies, UrgentVet is the first dedicated urgent care clinic for pets. Offering after-hours services, UrgentVet provides pet parents with an affordable and convenient alternative to 24-hour emergency vets. UrgentVet currently operates clinics in Belmont, North Carolina; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Huntersville, North Carolina; Gastonia, North Carolina; Ballantyne (Charlotte), North Carolina; Cary, North Carolina; Fort Mill, South Carolina; Westchase (Tampa), Florida; Brandon, Florida; New Port Richey, Florida; Gainesville, Florida; west Orlando (Ocoee), Florida; Sarasota, Florida; The Villages, Florida; Lakewood Ranch, Florida; St. Johns, Florida; Lakeland, Florida; Boca Raton, Florida; and Cypress, Texas.