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How To Protect Your Pet From New Year’s Eve Noises

Many people enjoy celebrating New Year’s Eve with a bang (literally). Fireworks are often a part of ringing in the new year that is enjoyed by humans. However, loud noises and bright flashes can cause pets to experience fear, stress, and anxiety. Here are 5 tips on how to help your pet feel more at ease and comforted during this time.

Create a safe space.

Create a safe space for your pet in your home that is away from the noise – their crate, a guest room, bedroom, or closet. Place chew toys, distractions, and other things in this space to help keep them occupied. Stay with them or check on them frequently.

Tire them out with exercise!

A tired pet is a pet that is more focused on sleep and relaxation than worrying about noises around them. Before the festivities kick off, be sure to take your dogs to a dog park or for a long walk. For cats, a day of chasing a laser pointer or string will do wonders! When the loud noises of New Year’s Eve kick-off, your pet may be tired and less likely to become concerned.

A new toy is a great distraction.

Ever notice how infatuated your dog can become with a new chew toy or bone? How does your cat react when a new bag of catnip or ball of feathers shows up? Find a toy that will become the perfect one-night distraction and a new favorite toy for days to come.

Find a more relaxing noise source.

Another way to help with loud booms outside is to provide calming sounds inside that can relax them. Whether it’s classical music, nature sounds, or even the sounds of the TV – a new noise that can drown out stressful noises.

Be by your pet’s side.

At the end of the day, your pet is most calmed by you. They also take their cues from you, so remember to speak and move calmly. Hold your pet. Get out the brush and give them a nice brushing. Cover them in a blanket or if they have a favorite doggy or kitty outfit, put it on them. Be the support they need during what is an uncertain time for your furry friend.

We want pets and pet parents to have a stress-free New Year’s Eve. If you have any questions about methods for calming your pet for loud holidays, let us know and of course, if your pet needs us, we’re here to help. We are open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! Contact us with any questions you may have.