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Be Mindful Of These Holiday Pet Dangers

The holidays brings so much excitement to our homes with decorations and extra people. However, there is also an increase in holiday pet dangers for your pet. The entire team at UrgentVet is here to keep your pets safe, and we’re open if your pet has an unfortunate accident!

Christmas Tree: First things first, make sure your tree is secure! Whether it’s dogs playing rough around the tree or cats jumping into the tree, an unstable tree falling can only spell trouble for your pets.

Cords: Lights, kitchen gadgets, and other electronics mean more wires around the house! Be sure to watch pets around these electrical areas, chewing or scratching cords can have serious consequences.

Decor: Whether it’s moving holiday decorations, potpourri, or other treats around the house – be sure to keep these items out of your pet’s reach. If there is an individual thing they become fixated on, move it!

Toxic Foods: This isn’t the first time we’ve warned you about toxic foods and it won’t be the last. Make sure to keep human food away from your pets at all costs and be sure to keep the following foods far away from their curious mouths: chocolate, raisins, alcohol, coffee, macadamia nuts, and grapes.

Fire: Fireplaces and candles make set a beautiful scene for the holidays but can obviously severely injure your pet if they come in contact with them. Be sure to keep any open flames secure and separated from your pet.

Plants: Poinsettias, holly, lilies, and mistletoe can all cause serious issues to your pet if ingested. As a rule, do not allow your pets near holiday plants.

If you have any questions about any other holiday pet dangers around your home, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’re always here to help! Happy Holidays from all of us!