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You Probably Aren’t Washing Your Pet’s Dishes Enough

The team at UrgentVet wants your pets to be happy and healthy as much as possible. Working with you, we try to create an environment of education and care to keep your pet’s feeling their best. One questions we recently answered felt like the perfect blog topic to write about. No fibbing, how often do you wash your pet’s dishes? Guess what, it probably is not enough! It is recommended that you wash their bowls after every single use. Seriously.

No, rinsing it under hot water and getting any excess grime off of the bowl is not enough. We recommend using soap to get your pet’s bowls as fresh and clean as possible.

In addition to hand washing, we recommend running them through the dishwasher whenever you get a chance. Typically, dishwashers run in the range of 130-170 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to kill the nasty grime living in your pet’s bowls. We promise your pets will appreciate the extra work you’ve put in to give them a fresh bowl to eat or drink out of.

Want to cut back on even more bacteria living in your pet’s bowls? Stick to materials that are not plastic, as they not susceptible to harboring bacteria like plastic does. Our pets are family, and they deserve the same cleanliness that we require of our dishes on a daily basis. The three minutes of hard washing every day will keep your pet much happier and healthier in the long run.

You wouldn’t want to eat off of the same plate for a week, would you? Do the same for your pets and keep bacteria away!