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Christopher Graves

Christopher grew up in Memphis Tennessee. In his teenage years, his family moved to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. As a young adult, he started his career in the banking field before realizing his true passion is caring for animals animals. Chris pivoted to a general practice setting and never looked back. Over the years, Chris has worked in the veterinary field in the areas of internal medicine, general practice, emergency, oncology, neurology and cardio. Christopher comes to UrgentVet Irving with over 15 years of experience.

One of his favorite pets he treated was a lab named Franklin who would come in every week to the internal medicine clinic where Chris worked. Every time Franklin got his blood rechecked for anemia, he would sit and ask for treats for being such a good boy. This sweet dog was so charming and touching that he’s remembered years later.

Outside of the veterinary clinic setting, he loves spending time with his wife, Charly, their two daughters (Parker and Landry) and the two pups who were rescued from the emergency where he worked. Their names are Diggler Von Doom (a Basset Hound) and Marceline the Destroyer of Hands (Kelpie).

His hobbies include reading, watching Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons. He’s proud to lead the UrgentVet team in serving the pets and pet parents of Irving, Texas and the surrounding areas.