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Is Your Dog Shedding A Lot? Blame The Weather

Is your dog shedding more than usual? You have more in common with them than you think! When it gets cold outside, you add extra layers to stay warm, right? Your dog does the same. As temperatures drop, dogs lose their summer coat and prepare for colder weather. Of course, extra dog shedding means a lot more hair around the house. Proper grooming can make all the difference!

Planning on taking your pet’s weekly grooming into your own hands? Be sure to get the right tools for their breed, age, skin conditions, and hair length. Having the right tools will have your pet looking and feeling their absolute best no matter what season is present. Doing the right things during the week can save you hours of vacuuming from excessive dog shedding later.

Dog shedding amounts vary by breed. German shepherds shed year round, while poodles lose very little fur at all. It’s a myth that short-haired dogs shed less than dogs with long hair. In some cases, they actually shed more, it’s just harder to see the small hairs around the house as much as long-haired pets. Remember, a regular and frequent schedule of bathing, combing and brushing can rid your house of additional hair you want no part of. Better to comb, wash, and rinse the hair than to spend your days vacuuming it up, right?

No matter what the breed, pet shedding is perfectly normal. However, if you notice extra heavy shedding, it can be a sign of health problems. Skin allergies, hormonal abnormalities, and skin parasites may trigger pet shedding. Be sure to work with our veterinary team and keep a close eye on your pet’s shedding patterns, if you notice something odd, it’s time to seek veterinary assistance. If you notice excessive hair loss, please come into our office immediately.