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Exercising With Your Pet is Good For Both of You

As we told you in a recent blog, your pet’s weight is more important than you think. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53% of adult dogs and 55% of cats in the US are obese or overweight. 22% of dog owners and 15% of cat owners said their pet’s weight was normal when it was actually overweight or obese. Of course, these weight issues can lead to more, serious health problems in the future.

For humans and animals, the number on the scale is greatly impacted by lifestyle factors, and regular exercise can help to keep that number in a healthy range. Here are a few ways to stay active with your pet.

1. Make a change to your walking routine! Want to keep your dog (and yourself) engaged on a walk? Try a new path that is full of new sights and smells. Your dog will love it, and it will lead to a longer, more engaging walk for you both. During these new walks, you can try something different like – instead of walking your dog, let your dog walk you. You might enjoy letting your pup lead the way through uncharted territory.

2. Intervals are good for humans and animals when it comes to cutting weight. The experts say that interval training is great for the heart, and the same is true for pets. Head out for a walk with your dog, but instead of just walking, increase both of your heartrates by mixing in some different, more intense movements, like jogging, shuffling sideways, and running backward.

3. Involve your cat, too! Use tools like flashlights and lasers to entice your feline friend to move while you move, too. You can do sit-ups while you waive small flashlights or laser pointers at the wall, jump rope without the rope and put flashlights in your hands, or tie a catnip toy to your dumbbells while you do bicep curls or tricep extensions.

At UrgentVet, we’re heavily focused on the human-animal bond. These exercise tips will give you more time to bond with your pet while helping both of you stay happy and healthy. The more focus you pet into your pet’s overall health, the happier you’ll all be. If you’re worried that your pet may be experiencing some health issues from weight-related issues, please give us a call at the nearest UrgentVet location to you.