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Lisa Donimari

Growing up in Arizona, Lisa’s journey into the veterinary field began during her undergraduate studies as a pre-med student. While her dedication extends to caring for cats and dogs at UrgentVet, Lisa’s love for animals reaches beyond—she resides on a farm where she tends to 4 horses, a cow, and two goats. Additionally, her canine companions include three Schnauzers named Noodle, Maggie, and Broccoli, along with a German Shepherd named Wiley.

With an impressive 30 years of experience in the veterinary field spanning Emergency, ICU, Oncology, Internal Medicine, General Practice, and more, Lisa’s wealth of knowledge is unparalleled. Among her many experiences, her favorite memory involves assisting in the delivery of her colt a few years ago.

Beyond the clinic, Lisa finds joy in gardening, fishing, and dedicating time to her little farm, where she enjoys the company of her diverse group of animals.

Lisa and her team at UrgentVet focus on helping cats and dogs experiencing minor injuries and illnesses in the Cave Creek community.