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Arianne Morales

Arianne Morales grew up in South Florida where as a child, she always preferred Animal Planet to cartoons. She always knew she wanted to work with animals in some way watching Jane Goodall, Steve Irwin, and many others – wanting to be just like them!

During the time she earned her degree at Sanford-Brown Institute, she adopted a dog for the first time on her own. At the time, he wasn’t in the best of shape, but this did not stop her. Since she was attending school, Arianne allowed him to tag along so she could apply what she was learning to nursing him back into shape. Being able to watch him transform from a fragile unkept dog to a thriving, healthy dog with a brand-new life gave her the reassurance that she could do this, and she was excited to help other pets and pet parents in the same manner.

Arianne has eight years of experience in the veterinary field in both general practice veterinary settings and in urgent care – where for the past year has been a care team member at UrgentVet – Boca Raton.

Outside of the clinic, Arianne can be found enjoying video games or crafting items whether that is painting, crocheting, sewing, or solving puzzles! Arianne lives with her husband, their dog Hailee (a Schnauzer mix) and their Domestic Shorthair Calico cat named Waffles.

Arianne is proud to lead UrgentVet Boca Raton in caring for pets in South Florida.