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Alyssa Foran

Alyssa Foran is from Green Bay Wisconsin (Go Packers!). She attended the University of Wisconsin  – Madison and graduated in their Zoology and Anthropology program. She began her career in primate behavior and then shifted to veterinary medicine. She recently moved from Jacksonville, Florida to Katy, Texas. 

A lifelong learner, Alyssa regularly completes training and courses to further her knowledge in emergency veterinary medicine. She believes this knowledge is crucial to building a strong, informed team to serve you & your pet.

Alyssa’s philosophy is that it’s important to create a relationship with each pet owner that comes through our doors. She feels that a pet parent who’s armed with information, resources, and confidence greatly increases the opportunity for a long and healthy life for that pet.

When she’s not at UrgentVet, Alyssa loves to spend time with her friends and family. She loves to be outdoors. She has 3 dogs: Lupin, an American Staffordshire; Sirius Black, a Jack Russell Vizsla; and Gillyweed a special needs Pitbull. She also has 2 cats, Carlos and Athena.